The View from the Rectory - November 2020

Dear Friends,

November always seems to me to be a time of remembering. We have All Souls Day on the 2nd of November, where traditionally in the Church we remember our dear departed loved ones. We have Remembrance Day on November 11th where we remember those who served in the nation's defence and those who lost their lives in wars. We even remember Guy Fawkes on November 5th.

We remember too, each time we come to Church for a Holy Communion Service, Jesus' offering of himself once for all. We recall the events at the Last Supper, Jesus' last meal he enjoyed with his disciples, his friends. During this, he told his followers to remember that he gave his life for us. So we remember that he died for our sin, so that we might live lives free of sin in the sight of God. Just as we remember his death though, we also remember his glorious resurrection.

It is appropriate too then, that when we meet for Holy Communion, we start with a prayer of confession for our wrongs, with a mind to try again, followed by a prayer to receive absolution, that is God's forgiveness. Our remembering of Jesus in this way then, keeps afresh all of this in our minds and hearts, and in our lives, as we go back into the world following the service. We are reminded to try again to be Christ-like, to live loving lives, like he did.

November's theme of remembering seems to be about all of this - about holding in our living memory the lives of those who have passed away; about the selfless giving of lives, for others to enjoy freedom; and about us now enjoying and appreciating the freedom we have received. These are, of course, also linked with the theme of love. We remember with love, those who have passed away. We remember too that Christ loves us so much he laid down his life on the cross, so that through his death, we might be forgiven for the times that we have failed to speak or act in love.

So, let us all renew our resolve to speak and act in love always, with the hope that one day, this is how we too will be remembered.

Keep taking care all.

With best wishes and prayers,

Rev'd George