The View from the Rectory - March 2021

Dear Friends,

The view from The Rectory at the moment is changing. I can see snowdrops in full bloom, daffodils in bud, and birds nesting in the hedge rows. I can see transformation in the physical world around us, and am increasingly noticing each of us adapting to the world we currently live in. What I recognise in all of this is growth; growth physically, as well as
intellectually, practically, emotionally and spiritually within one another.

When thinking about growth, I want to share something I have noticed at home recently. I currently have some flowers in a vase on a table and have enjoyed watching them bloom more and more each day. After a few days though, they started to wither slightly. I realised the temperature of the room was not ideal for them, and they needed more water and some plant food. I amended all these things and tended to them, and the next day, they were perkier then ever, filling the room with brightness and a wonderful aroma which made me smile.

It is similar with us though, there are things we all need in order to grow. When thinking about our emotional and spiritual selves, which of course affects our physicality, what is the food which you need? What helps you to grow? Our answers to that will be different to one another. I might need input from books or websites, conversations with others, and the time to think and pray about a situation. I might need time outside, time with others, and time on my own. I might need to do something physical, as well as proper rest. Others might need some of the same things, or something completely different. However, there are certain things we all need in order to grow properly and flourish fully.

Thinking back again to my flowers, I had to water them. They could not water themselves. This makes me wonder, who waters you? When we are feeling a bit down or confused, as we all do feel at different times, who cares for us and helps us to feel a bit better? Again, there could be various answers to this. It might be a family member, friend, colleague, or someone in a professional capacity, and hopefully, of course, God.

I also have to keep the door open in the room my flowers currently are in, so that they do not get too hot. Sometimes we cannot change the environment we are in, only our response to it. However, at other times, we can change, or amend slightly, the environment we are in; the friendships we give our time to, the things we spend our time doing, and the routines we put into place (or do not put into place) in our lives, for instance. Is there anything you need to amend in your lives at the moment?

I feel it is important we take the time needed to consider these issues. Over the past year when we have been separated from friends, it has made me reflect on which relationships and friendships I really find supportive, helpful and uplifting. The lockdowns and restrictions have also made me consider in more depth, what helps me to grow and how I can put these things into my life more regularly. In realising and recognising these things, we can help ourselves to grow into what we want to be, into all we can be, into all God knows we are.

So, in thinking about growth this month, I encourage you to reflect on what you are growing into, and, what you would like to grow into. If there is a discord between the two, is there anything you can do about this? We might need to change things or reach out to find the food we need and the right people to help water us. Alternatively, are there any people in our lives that we need to spend time watering and feeding?

We all constantly change and grow in life, even if we cannot always see it ourselves. When life seems out of our control, we can almost give up to that sense of lack of control. However, there are always things we can do to try to keep ourselves growing into all we can be. If we just take the time to make sure we are watered and fed in the right way, I am sure we will bloom fully and find our right place in our beautiful community and world.

Take care everyone, keep growing, and God Bless,

Rev'd George