St Guthlac's Church Organ


OrganOur organ is over 130 years old and was installed in 1882 by Hill and sons and has been working ever since. 

Nowadays the air is provided by an electronic pump but the handle is still there from the days when some poor young choristor would have the job of pumping by hand through a whole service. The hand pump still works as we found out a few years ago when we had a power cut! 

In its long life, the organ has only had one major refurbishment and the addition of some trumpet stops, but is otherwise the same organ our Victorian ancestors would have heard. However, its great age is now telling and we have embarked on fundraising for over £65,000 which is essential as the organ is failing fast. 


To find out more about the organ and the refurbishment that is needed, click Organ Refurbishment.

To see details of the fundraising and how you can help, click Organ Fundraising