Organ Fundraising - WE DID IT!

If you want to know more about the restoration work, click Organ Refurbishment


We raised well over £80,000 which means our historic organ will be sounding better than ever well into the future.

The money came from a mixture of grants from various charities and an awful lot of hardwork by church volunteers organising social events.

Raising the Funds

The charitable bodies who gave us grants ask a lot before handing over their money (rightly so). The application process is demanding and often the money comes with conditions to ensure their donation is an investment in the community and the future.

That is why we shall be sharing the organ with local schools and organisations teaching not only music but the social history that surrounds it. We shall also be publishing a history of church music in Market Deeping reaching back centuries.



Charitable Body Grants 

The major charitable donations came from:


  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Lincoln Dioceses Transformation Fund
  • Market Deeping Town Council
  • All Churches Trust
  • InvestSK


These combined donations brought in around 2/3 of our final total.



Fundraising Events

The rest of the total came from our own fundraisers. The emphasis was always on having fun with social and community events. Now we come to look back, it's a surprise to see just how many events there were and how much effort went into them. 

 Nov 2017  Craft Beer Evening
 Dec 2017  Sponsored Carol Singing
 Jan 2018  Bandless Barn Dance
 Apr 2018  Peterborough U3A Visits
 Apr 2018  Fashion Show in Church
 May 2018  The Rocking Rector - Unplugged 
 May 2018  Sponsored Sky Dive
 Jun 2018  Quiz Night with Di and Pete
 Jun 2018  Glebe Singers' Concert
 Jul 2018  Classic Car Drive around the Deepings
 Sep 2018  Britain's Seaside Places Quiz
 Oct 2018  Organists Let Loose
 Oct 2018  Pledge Auction
 Nov 2018  Wine Tasting Evening
 Nov 2018  Christmas Crafts and Lunch Sessions
 Dec 2018  Sponsored Carols
 Dec 2018  Christmas Coffee Morning and Quilt Sale 
 Feb 2019  Jazz Breakfast
 May 2019  Bandless Barn Dance




For the Future 

The fund has not only produced a fully working organ: look out for more community events and the forthcoming publication of the story of the restoration as well as a history of the church and its music.

Everything we do from this project will all be made available to the whole of the community of Market Deeping of which the church has been a part for over a thousand years. 

We shall also use the funds to launch an Organ Bursary to help train more organists to keep this unique form of music alive well into the future. 


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