Marriage, Blessing of Marriage,
Banns of Marriage, Anniversary Services
and Renewal of Vows etc.

Posed after the event (used with permission)
Many couples choose to celebrate their marriage not only surrounded by family and friends but also before God in a Church building.

Each of our Churches is available to couples for marriage, and also for services of Blessing following a Civil Marriage (or, perhaps, a marriage abroad).

We also offer other related services, for instance Renewal of Vows to mark an Anniversary, the Dedication of New Rings, or to ask God's blessing following a difficult time in a relationship.


Posed after a wedding at St. Mary's, Mablethorpe

There is considerable flexibility in terms of the music for services and there are opportunities for photography and video recording both inside and outside the building.  There is always plenty of time to make the occasion special.

Wedding (used with permission)Christian marriage, as well as being a holy occasion (a Sacrament) is also a legal contract governed by the "Law of the Land". The rules say that anyone* who lives in a Parish (or who worships regularly there) may choose to be married in the Church of that Parish (to see if you live in one of our Parishes, type your postcode into the "A Church Near You" website).

Recent changes in the law mean that other people who have a connection with the Parish are also able to be married here (to check the qualifying criteria please see this document: Can I be married in the Parish Church?).

Services of Blessing and Dedication (either immediately following a marriage elsewhere, or at a later date) do not have the same "legal" status and are available to all who have a connection with the Parishes or their Churches.

Those who are marrying in another Church of England Church may need Banns of Marriage calling in this Parish.

To arrange a Marriage, for the calling of Banns or for further information about any aspect of our marriage ministry please contact Rev. Peter Liley (see our Contacts Page).

Signing the Registers

* Where one, or both, parties have had a previous marriage which ended in divorce and their previous spouse is still alive, we are required to interview the couple prior to agreeing to conduct the marriage. In these circumstances please contact the Rev. Peter Liley (see our Contacts page) for more details.