Luke 4:8                                                                                          Jesus answered, “It is written:                                                                             ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’ ”



Worship lies at the heart of the Christian life. It is in worship that we express our theology and define our identity. It is through encountering God within worship that we are formed (and transformed) as his people.

One of the glories of the Church of England is its liturgical worship.

Liturgy refers to the patterns, forms, words and actions through which public worship is conducted. There are various liturgies available and a variety can be found and explored on the Church Of England Website.



Transforming Worship is an initiative launched by the Liturgical Commission to enable and engage many in the way in which we consider how to 'worship'.


Transforming Worship is deliberately ambiguous. 

First and foremost: worship transforms us: that is, it helps transfigure our humanity. The practice and experience of prayer and worship fashion our lives anew. This is at the heart of the Christian faith and is perhaps the key distinctive contribution that Christianity offers to our world. If our lives are to be changed effectively then we shall also need to transform the way we worship.  So much excellent worship and liturgy already exists. Nevertheless, the liturgical revolution over this past generation has offered abounding resources for all Christian people, within all our churches. We hope that Transforming Worship will engage parishes, deaneries, dioceses and indeed the Church of England as a whole in this process of transfiguration.

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