Letter from Rev Louise Vincer

Parish Development Adviser for Grimsby & Cleethorpes and Haverstoe Deaneries

email: louise@vincerdodd.co.uk
tel: 07821 860323

November has become a month in which we do a lot of remembering - not just on Bonfire Night! In All Saints' and All Souls' services, and on Remembrance Sunday we give thanks for people whose lives have directly or indirectly shaped our own.
As Christians it is important that we know about our ancestors; people like Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Miriam who heard and responded to God's call. Their stories of how God was faithful to them form the foundation of our faith. Their relationships with God are so important for us because through them we see how they took the risk to trust God's promises. Over time - a considerable length of time! - they found God to be faithful.
Your churchwardens are working to help the church build on that past and face the future with confidence. This confidence and faith are part of the Diocese of Lincoln's new vision and focus. We are all called to be faithful, and confident, and joyful.
In the new Group we can look to the future with hope, and live confidently today, because of the past experiences of faithful people. This fellowship of faith reaches across time and place.
Having a new parish priest will be fantastic, and we all look forward to the time when an appointment is made. But I hope that as we pray for the arrival of a new parish priest, we can build a firm foundation for their arrival by getting to know each other. I hope that in the months ahead you will make new friendships and perhaps rekindle old ones, and in doing so, find joy in knowing that God is faithful and trustworthy - just as our ancestors did!
Please use the new diocesan prayer regularly:

Almighty God, source of our
hope and of all good things;
you call us in love to share
in the work of creation
in making all things new.

Bless our diocese:
may we be faithful
in our worship;
confident in our discipleship;
and joyful in our service;

that, through us,
the world may catch a glimpse
of the love you have for each one
of us, made known to us in
your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.