Letter from Rev Louise Vincer

Parish Development Adviser for Grimsby & Cleethorpes and Haverstoe Deaneries
email: louise@vincerdodd.co.uk
tel: 07821 860323

The BBC website has some fascinating short articles about all sorts of things. One I saw recently showed the work of a photographer who takes aerial photographs of the British landscape. It was a real insight to be able to see fields and coastlines from the air. I thought one aerial picture of a field of greenhouses was more like a photo of a skyscraper taken from the ground.
It is refreshing if sometimes unsettling, to see things from a new perspective. As these churches move together into a new group, we are being challenged to look from a new perspective as we become part of a larger, different Christian family.
This month across the churches we are celebrating Harvest Festival. As an annual event it can be tempting to take it for granted. Perhaps this year you might like to join a celebration in another church in the group and celebrate Harvest from a new perspective!
This prayer by the writer Jan Berry encourages us to trust in God's abundant generosity which is for all people, wherever we are:

God, you heap your love upon us
like a mother providing for her family's need,
embracing her child with tenderness.
Forgive us, when, like spoilt children,
we treat your generosity as our right,
or hug it possessively to ourselves.
Give us enough trust to live securely in your love,
and to share it with others
in open-handed confidence
that your grace will never run out.