The Weekily Pewsheet is produced for the Group to:


  • inform us of the diary for the week ahead 
  • notify us of events taking place in the Group, and around, in the weeks ahead
  • inform us of the Sunday readings for the current week and the following week
  • encourage us to pray for the Group and all the events taking place
  • provide a prayer theme for the week
  • where space permits, to provide an element of humour of a suitable nature 


Please click the date below for the Pewsheet you would like to read.

22 September Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity 2013

6 October Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity 2013 

13 October Twentieth Sunday after Trinity 2013

20 October Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity 2013

27 October Last Sunday after Trinity 2013 

If you would like any information of your Church activity placed in the Pewsheet please contact the number notified on the Pewsheet before Thursday.

Also please note that we try to produce the Pewsheet every Sunday - but this may not always be possible.