Regular Events and Activities

in our Parishes

Morning Prayer: Monday 9.30am Billingborough

                           Wednesday 10am Horbling

                           Friday 9.30am Billingborough

Midweek Communion: Thursdays 9.15am Billingborough Church

Lighting of Candles: Horbling Church                                  Wednesdays 8.30am - 4pm 

Coffee & Chat:     
Coffee Morning at Horbling Church

                  10.30am - 11.30am Every Wednesday

Cornerstone at the Mission Church, Pointon

                        9.30 - 11am Each Tuesday

Coffee Stop at Aslackby

                           10am - 12 noon each Tuesday

Open Church at Billingborough Church

                   10 am - 12 noon  Thursdays

Kettle on at Dowsby

10.30 am- 12noon First & Third Thursday each month.

Servers' Group:    Serve at the altar in different churches in the Group, and help to prepare the church for worship.

Bell Ringing:  1st and 3rd Wednesdays in each month 7.30 - 9pm

                               At Billingborough Church








For Your Diary
Nov 17th - Family Prayer & Praise
Nov 20th - Open Church for Prayer and lighting Candles
Nov 20th - Morning Prayer
Nov 27th - Open Church for Prayer and lighting Candles
Nov 27th - Morning Prayer