Monthly Cycle of Prayer for the  Fen & Hill Group


Day 1:   The Ministry Team:  Kathy, Terry, Jane, Heather, Judith                 & Pat.

Day 2:    Churchwardens of all our Churches

Day 3:    Members of our Church Councils and each church's

               mission and witness in the community.

Day 4:    Members of the Group Council

Day 5:    Church Treasurers and church finances

Day 6:    Church Organists, Choir and the ministry of music in

               our churches

Day 7:    The Fen & Hill Group's ministry to the sick. We pray

               for all in hospital and in residential care homes.

Day 8:    Those who live and work in Mareham-Le-Fen. 

Day 9:    Those who live and work in Wood Enderby. 

Day 10:  Those who live and work in Revesby. 

Day 11:  Those who live and work in Moorhouses.

Day 12:  Those who live and work in Tumby and Tumby


Day 13:  Those who live and work in Wilksby, Moorby and

               Claxby Pluckacre.

Day 14:  Those who live and work in Scrivelsby and Dalderby.

Day 15:  Those who live and work in Mareham on the Hill.

Day 16:  Those who live and work in Hameringham, Scrafield and


Day 17:  Those who farm.

Day 18:  Those suffering from financial difficulties in the


Day 19:  The work of the Church communities at the

               heart of our villages.

Day 20:  All Parish Councillors.

Day 21:  The Police, Ambulance, Lives First Responders

               and Fire Brigade.

Day 22:   The local medical services, support workers

               who care daily for  those in need.

Day 23:  Mareham-le-Fen Church of England Primary School, 

               its staff and children.

Day 24:  The Secondary schools serving our communities,

               their Head Teachers, Staff and pupils

Day 25:  The Social Life of the villages: Village Hall

               committees, the W.I., Guides, Brownies, Cubs &

               Scouts, Mareham Silver Band, Football Club, Bowls

               Club, Luncheon Club, Friendship Club, Gardening

               Club and Tuesday Club.

Day 26:  The members of F.O.S.H. and their work on the

               church's behalf.

Day 27:  The village Post Office, butchers, and other


Day 28:  Village Pubs/Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts.

Day 29:  All Care Homes serving our communities.  The sick                 and the housebound.

Day 30:  The ‘Green' and those who live there.

Day31:   Pray for the developing witness of our churches in

               our communities and new ways to share the Good

               News throughout our communities.





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