At present we are waiting to join with the Car Dyke group of churches. This includes Billinghay, North Kyme, Martin, Timberland and Walcott. We are still legally with the Heckington and Helpringham churches.

The PCC felt that a vicar from the Car Dyke group would be better placed location wise to serve the needs of South Kyme and for visiting its parishioners for pastoral care. At present we are waiting for a new Vicar to be appointed, this usually takes some time.

We have been having visiting clergy take the services which gives the congregation different styles of service. On the first Sunday of the month at 11.30 we have a family service which is a more informal service it lasts about an hour. On the third Sunday we have a 9.30 communion service which is slightly longer.

Everyone is welcome at both or either services. If you need help or advice from clergy the Rural Dean - Rev. John Patrick based in Sleaford is available through the Sleaford Parish Office (01529) 302177