The Benefice comprises the Parishes of Martin, North Kyme, South Kyme, Timberland, Walcott and Billinghay.

I am the new Vicar of the Carr Dyke Group of Churches: please contact me, Rev'd Mike Rose on 01526 861746 for enquiries about Baptism, Wedding or Funeral service arrangements or for other ministry services in the group or email me at

Weddings:  If you reside in the Parish of Martin, Timberland, Walcott, Billinghay or North Kyme you have a right to marry in any one of these Churches.  If you reside in one of these Parishes but your partner doesn't then you may still marry in any of these Churches providing certain conditions are met. If you reside in the Parish of South Kyme you may marry in other Parishes within the benefice providing you have a 'qualifying connection'.  Please contact the Vicar for further information.  Please visit the Church of England wedding planning site for an interactive planner, including hymns and readings.

Baptisms:  If you reside in the Parishes of Martin, Timberland, North Kyme, South Kyme, Walcott or Billinghay you or your child may be Christened in any of these Churches.  You have to have been Baptized in order to be a Godparent.

Funerals:  These are arranged in the first instance with Funeral directors who will refer you to us if you wish to arrange a Christian Funeral Service