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Prayer - Talking with God

Praying Hands

Prayer is simply talking with God. 

Prayer can be words or silence,
      it can use written texts or be extempory,
            it can be out loud or in our hearts,
         it should involve listening to God
               as well as talking to him.

Above all, prayer should be the foundation of all that we do as Christians and as a Parish.

If you would like us to pray for you (or someone or something that you care about) please send an email by clicking here (please note that these prayer requests will be used only among the parish clergy unless you make it clear that they are to be included in our public services).  

Aids to prayer

Prayers to say:

Please click here for some prayer texts that you might like to use.

Lincoln Diocesan Prayer Diary entry for today:

The Church of England’s Morning and Evening prayer for today:

Today's Morning and Evening Prayer
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